Civil War Battles Fought in Texas

Andrew Scoblionko, a goal-oriented operations manager, previously served as Campus Director at Southwest Florida College in Tampa. Outside of his professional pursuits, Andrew Scoblionko is involved with a number of organizations, such as the Civil War Trust.

While many people associate the Civil War with the northern states fighting the southern states, Civil War battles extended as far west as Texas. In fact, a skirmish that broke out near the Rio Grande in mid-May of 1865. The Battle of Palmito Ranch is recognized as the final armed conflict fought between Union and Confederate soldiers. Colonel Theodore H. Barrett instructed a force of 300 Union soldiers to move up river and attack a number of Confederate outposts. Inclement weather, however, delayed his troops and pushed them slightly off course. Early in the morning of May 12, the Union soldiers reached White’s Ranch, but found the post empty.

The next morning they moved on to Palmito Ranch, and a small battle broke out. Initially, the Confederate men were scattered, allowing the Union soldiers to regroup and feed their horses, but soon after a reinforced Confederate squad pushed them back to White’s Ranch. Colonel Barrett sent reinforcements on May 13, and the Union men returned to Palmito Ranch, engaging Confederates in a firefight. Fighting carried on throughout the day until heavy Rebel artillery fire encouraged a Union retreat. The men who fell at Palmito Ranch number among the final combat deaths of the Civil War.

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