Macbeth Film Adaptations

Andrew Scoblionko is an experienced operations manager who has worked as the Dean of Evening and Weekend Programs at DeVry University and Campus Director for Southwest Florida College. Andrew Scoblionko enjoys reading books and plays in his free time. His favorite play is Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth is one of the most famous plays written in the English language. In addition to the Bard’s original stage version, there are a number of notable film adaptations, including two famous American examples. Orson Welles directed an experimental, Harlem-based stage adaptation of the play before taking a more traditional approach to his 1948 film, which he both directed and starred in. Roman Polanski helmed his version of Macbeth in 1971, shortly after the tragic passing of his wife at the hands of Charles Manson. The film is, accordingly, one of the more violent interpretations of Shakespeare’s words.

International directors who have tried their hand at Macbeth and Macbeth-inspired films include Akira Kurosawa, whose 1957 Throne of Blood sets the play in Japan. One of the more unique Macbeth adaptations came in 2001 under the title Scotland, PA. The film is set in a 1970s burger joint, and stars James LeGros and Maura Tierney as Joe and Path McBeth.

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